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The future is always uncertain. However, you can predict it based on patterns – thanks to data.

One thing is inevitable in the financial sector, online payments.  The cashless uptake of online payments is gaining tractions by all stakeholders. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has forced businesses to spend more on mobile and web payment integrations for eCommerce and e-pay systems.

TW Technologies has always been ahead and started implementing online payment integrations for all its rich list of clienteles. As a silicon savannah company, we are still at the forefront of innovation. We encourage technology uptake in the financial sector here in sub-Saharan Africa.

Complete Toolkit for Internet Business

With the rapid growth in technological innovation in the financial sector, accepting a multitude of payment methods is no longer an option but rather a necessity for all types of businesses.TW Technologies provides a complete online payment gateway to run your business online.

With our online payment gateway, your finance department is secure for all online transactions. We integrate all cards be it credit/debit, prepaid to even virtual as part of your business payment solutions. Mobile payments such as Mpesa APIs as well as prompt wallet mobile and direct bank transfer are encouraged, especially for eCommerce.

Online payment integration involves multiple facets from SMS, USSD, cards, API, and payment processors such as PayPal. For instance, our software department develops powerful integrations that allow your business to quickly and securely accept card payments within your accounting, ERP, CRM, or shopping cart system. Software integrations can secure lower processing costs for your business.

TW Technologies serves all businesses from education, insurance, airline, telecommunications, retail, travel, and entertainment, among others. We aim to provide a fast, easy, and cost-effective online payment solutions.

Security Levels involved For Online Payment Gateways

With increased cyber-attacks targeting online transactions, it is natural to worry about all your business transactions. TW Technologies online payment Integrations processes are 100% secure. What does security means:

  • Authentication – all parties and objects involved in transactions.
  • Confidentiality – all messages and information encrypted.
  • Integrity – all messages and transactions are available to the customer, and;
  • Non- repudiation of payment parties and objects.

Key Benefits to Payment Processing Integration

One of the critical advantages of payment integrations is that it saves time. Basically, businesses do not have to manually enter credit card and other electronic payments into accounting software or ERP system. Also, efficiency is improved, and the chances of human errors are eliminated.

Talk to TW Technologies today and let us help your business reduce payment and transaction costs by making your financial cashflow easier and smoother.

Why Choose our Payment Gateway API Integration Service?

Professional Service
Our developers are good at the game and upholds ethical standards. Hire one of the best Africa Solutions Payment Gateway API integration experts and get what your organization deserves.

One Time Payment

We charge a one in a lifetime fee and a small maintenance fee whenever you need our help. We do not charge a fee per transaction.

Easy to Use Interface
we have created robust dashboards for our Payment Gateway integration to make it easy for your business to use during the day to day transactions.